ProLineup System™ Edit Screen
Lineup Cards and Positioning Grid Printouts
ProLineup System™

The ProLineup System™ is indispensible, allowing you to create your roster with parent information, set your players’ positioning by inning and batting order for each game.  While you’re setting your players’ positioning, a real-time calculation for how many innings each player has played, infield vs. outfield, by inning is displayed.  The ProLineup System™ is totally flexible, allowing you to configure number of innings , number of players in the batting order as well as number of players on defense for each game.  Also configurable are the colors for your display and print out.

And when you have finalized your positioning for a game, you can then print out the positioning grid as well as lineup cards for the meeting at home plate.  You can even customize your lineup cards, adding your own custom logo.  Just create a new account and use the ProLineup System™ absolutely free for 2 weeks. And we are confident that after using it for 2 weeks, you will want to sign up for the yearly subscription of $14.95.

The ProLineup System™ is available for both the Single User version as well as the League version.
ProRanking System™

Believe it or not, but the closer to .500 all your teams are by the end of the season, the better off it is for your league.  In other words, “Parity” is the key to a league’s successful season, and The ProRanking System™ will get you there.

The ProRanking System™ is designed to allow a league’s managers to rank players.  These rankings can then be used to determine a draft round for players, instead of daft round being dictated arbitrarily. Having managers’ sons/daughters go in their proper draft round makes the teams much, much more equal, creating “Parity” amongst the teams.  And need for discretion is totally understood so built into the ProRanking System™ is the means to allow only league officials the ability to view the players’ rankings.

So create “Parity” amongst teams by using ProRanking System™.  And yes, you want ALL your teams at .500 at the end of the season!

The ProRanking System™ is available for the League version only.
ProRanking System™ Screen
ProDraft System™ Screen
ProDraft System™

The ProDraft System™ is used by leagues during their draft.  This very user-friendly system displays all available players and teams by division, showing which players have been selected and which have not.  The ProDraft System™ also indicates which manager is “On The Clock” as well as having a live count-down timer.  It is also extremely easy to make changes to the draft just by clicking on players you want to move.  And when the draft is complete, just a click of the button will update the database so managers will have instant access to their rosters and parent information through use of the ProLineup System™ (which is free for the League version).

The ProDraft System™ is available for the League version only.